What are the primary reasons why the DMV might reject your car title application? In the motor vehicle department, there are many applications that are kicked back; the most common are that:

  • If the title is white, you’ve ripped a cross out.
  • If there’s something that changes any of the writing on that title, they’re going to kick it back even though you know that it was just a correction of an error; they don’t know that they think it might be fraud. So they’re going to kick it back.
  • If you sign the title application for the vehicle, you are in the wrong. They’re going to kick it back. It’s got to be signed in the right place.
  • If there are multiple assignments on that title record. They’re going to kick it back because only a dealer can do multiple assignments.
  • If you’re a private owner, you can only assign that title once. You have to get a lien release.
  • If there’s an open lien showing in the DMV title records, even if it’s paid, the DMV may not know it. They’ll kick it back in some states like California, especially if there are any back taxes or registration fees that have not been paid. They might hold up your title until those are paid.

How do you fix them? Well, first of all, find out what the problem is. Get a rejection letter from the DMV in writing, showing why that title was rejected. If you don’t have that rejection letter, you could fix what they told you verbally and then find out there’s more of an issue. So get a good rejection letter and fix those specific things. Bring the corrections back with that rejection letter, and your title application will sail through with no problem.