How do you get a duplicate car title in the state of Illinois? In Illinois, you apply for a duplicate title through the secretary of state. Using the form VSD-190, you can fill it out online, print it out, or submit it. And if you had lost your car title and Illinois looked very hard to find it because their duplicate car title fee is $95 It’s one of the highest in the country. Most states charge 10 or 15 or $20; Illinois charges almost a hundred dollars, so look very carefully for that title. before you go through the last title process.

If you fill out that form, make sure you complete the mileage section properly. If the mileage is not filled in properly, they will reject the form and won’t send you a title. Also, out-of-state residents may not apply for an Illinois duplicate title. If they purchase the vehicle without a title from an Illinois resident, you have to have that Illinois resident fill out that form. Once it’s done and you submit it, they’ll send you this piece of paper with your name on it. You’re the owner of the car, but make sure you look hard or try to find that title before spending a hundred dollars to get another one.