What is the process for obtaining a title for an abandoned vehicle? Abandoned vehicle titling is a state-by-state process where each state has a different procedure. And in many cases, it’s different for different types of scenarios. 

  • If you are a licensed business and have a vehicle on your premises, that’s one process. 
  • If you’re an automotive business, sometimes that process is different. 
  • If you’re simply a real estate owner who has a vehicle on your property, that is usually deferred more than if you’re an automotive business.

In either scenario, you’re going to have to follow the steps very carefully for that state process. You can’t just randomly request a title just because of abandoned vehicles; make sure that when you’re filling out the forms for that process, you give a true description of the facts.

In many cases, it’s tempting to try to shade the facts, leave out details, or even add details about how that vehicle got there or where it’s from because you must write down everything you know. It’s discovered later that the information was presented. Untruthfully, the title that you get can be revoked at a later date. So you’re better off giving all the detals. It makes it easier for the process to go smoothly.

Remember that this is not to be used for a lost title. If you know that you purchased the vehicle or know where the car came from, it’s not really abandoned. It’s a lost title or a title recovery, and there’s a separate process for that that’s actually faster and less expensive than an abandoned car title process.